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Powered by Share3D™ Technology

Powered by Share3D

Share3D is an industry-standard HTML5 platform for publishing technical documents with embedded 3D content. The technology powers hosted services and published HTML5 files from authorized software applications.

Powered by Share3D™ Technology

Powered by Share3D technology, developed by QuadriSpace Corporation, provides the platform for delivering HTML documents that include multiple pages of interactive 3D content. Each HTML delivery includes proprietary JavaScript that enables the universal viewing of the 3D document and it's interactive features.

The HTML5 publishing features in QuadriSpace's Document3D Suite, Pages3D and Publisher3D utilize Powered by Share3D technology. Share3D Cloud and Share3D On-Premise are built on Powered by Share3D technology.

Technology Overview

Solutions based on Powered by Share3D Technology allow you to deliver complete 3D-Enabled HTML documents that are easy to create, easy to share and easy to maintain.


Native HTML5 with 3D

Since Powered by Share3D content is delivered as industry standard HTML, viewers benefit from universal access and can view the 3D document with any browser, on any device, and without plugins.

Any Modern Browser
PC or Mac
Android and iOS devices
No Plugins

Complete 3D Documents

Powered by Share3D is optimized for delivering complete, multiple-page documents with interactive 3D, text, tables, images and other media for empowering customers to create custom documents that exactly fit their needs.

Multi-Page Documents
Interactive 3D
Animated Instructions
Clickable Parts Lists

Licensing Options

Powered by Share3D Technology is the fundamental technology included with Share3D Cloud. The technology is also included with direct HTML publishing features in Document3D Suite, Pages3D Professional and Publisher3D Professional. Customer's that desire to deliver 3D-Enabled HTML documents can choose which solution is best for their needs. Distribution licenses are included with authorized "Powered by Share3D" products and the hosted solution plans.

Customers that prefer the convenience and pricing of a hosted solution can sign up for Share3D Cloud. This is a powerful and convenient option for customers that want to publish or collaborate online using 3D.